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Enamel Collection: Super Valo Game

Dimensions: 11 x 14 "
Material: Satin Matte Paper
Finish: Smooth Satin

Printed on Satin Matte Paper


Hard Enamel
Rubber Clutches
Backing Card

Shipping & Returns


Height: 1.5-1.75" tall

Care Instructions

If your pins become foggy over time, try cleaning them with Alcohol (Hand Sanitizer) and rubbing it with a microfiber cloth. Do this for 3 minutes and your pin should look brand new again! 

Enamel pins are individually handmade and have a higher rate of manufacturing errors than other merch. There’s no such thing as truly perfect, but some pins are a little closer than others! This pin has been given an A grade.

A GRADE: This pin is perfect or near perfect, but may still have minor defects like:

- a small speck of dust or smudge

- over or under-filled color in some areas

- small buff or scratch marks

- a small discoloration or unevenness of the metal

If a pin has been given an A grade, I have determined that any defects it has are minor.

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